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Sunday, December 17th, 2006
1:58 pm
a question and a tip
okay, firstly, how many of y'all bpal? black phoenix alchemy lab does this scented oil thing, and normally i'm nto a big fan of oils (they're messy) but a few nights ago i put some of catherine (info here:http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=454) into my hair, and not only did i not get frizzy, it was also a really great, subtle way to wear perfume. i got an imp of catherine on ebay for like 3 dollars and it's lasted me about a year now, and i'm def doing the scented oil in hair thing every time i get a date.

secondly, my question is:

what do you guys do with your hair at night? recently i cut off about 5 inches, and so my hair is too short to braid or pull back, but just long enough to get tangled. so far i've been banana clipping it in place, but my clips are mental and i don't want to cause breakage. i've tried just tying it back, but since there's noting securing the hair itself it just is poofy and loose. any ideas?
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
3:27 pm
quick tip for oiling your hair
so say you're like me, and you like using oil in your hair, but you hate getting it on your hands and clothes. sucks, right?

well, i went to marshalls and got a misto for 3.99!


basically, it's like an oil mister, but more controlled then hair spray, and less goopy then just pouring it or using a drug store spray bottle. i am madly in love.
Monday, October 9th, 2006
9:36 am
new hair
Monday, September 25th, 2006
5:37 pm
oyin hand made
My stuff from oyin hand made just arrived today. i'm pretty excited. i bought the shea butter, greg's juice, honey conditioner, and whipping pudding. has anyone ever used any of this? did it help a lot.

the website said that greg's juice has ingredients that are known to stimulate hair growth, so i'm hoping that's what's gonna happen.

has anyone had lots of success with this?
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
10:23 pm
I try too moisturize my hair everyday with this olive oil stuff we have. We ran out of it and the only thign we have now is grease with olive oil so now I do that. I don't think it's good for me to put grease or the olive oil stuff on my hair everyday, especially for my forehead because it's starting to break out. So I was wondering, since I'm trying to grow my hair back the healthy way, how often should you moisturize it? Like everyday, every other day, ever two days?

And if you have any tips for me on growing my hair out that would be great. Lately I've been just leaving it natural and alone, with the occasional scalp massages, is there a certain time period your suppose to do it for? I just want my hair back! I miss it. I wish I wouldn't have ruined a good thing. I heard it grows better in braids, is that true? Awwww I miss my hair. it's 6 or 12 inches in a year right? Oh my Gosh. I miss it so much. I'll never get another perm again.

Are texturizers ok? Or just as bad as perms?
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
8:43 pm
for those of you with natural hair that cut thier hair themselves , what is your method? And do you use a certain kind of scissors? I'm bout to go back to school and I'm not returning back to braids, but it's not my first time having my natural hair out when I was there.
I don't think its just me but at the bottom of some strands my hair ties into little knots. I guess it wraps around itself. Anyone know what I'm talking about? And how to prevent this. .
Needless to say it's definitely time for a trim or at least to keep it up til I can venture to Oakland and see if theres a place that can do it for me. (anyone know of any bay area, northern cali natural hair salons?)
I think I might die my hair this week and if I do I'll post pictures here. .But first off, who has died their hair and what are their methods. I do nt have super thick hair but it's not as easy as if my hair was straight, yknow.

answers from Permed, pressed and natural folks are all welcome

here's pics of my hair lately.

in twists

Sunday, August 20th, 2006
6:42 pm
Braids or natural?
Does your hair grow better if it's in braids, or if you keep it natural and just moisturize it?
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
10:37 am
aghhhhhhh!! style q
hi everyone!

okay. i have the most fabulous opportunity coming up. i have the chance to present my research in an international conference in africa. this is HUGE; i'm super nervous, but very excited and honored.

now, i have natural hair. i'd like for it to look as professional as possible, but i'm unsure what sort of styles would work for that... i don't want to flat iron it, because i'm not very good at flat ironing, and i'm not sure the straight would last from the thursday when i leave MA til the sunday i arrive in ethiopia to the tuesday i actually present.

any suggestions?

there's a pic below the cut.

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Thursday, April 6th, 2006
6:43 pm
sooo i love my hair but i HATE taking care of it
i don't know what to do to it half of the time

i like the fro but floridas to humid so instead of being like
its like
so hook me up with some ideas for hairstyles.. and some good products like shampoo and mosturizer


this is my favorite but it takes way too long to do.


this is me not brushing my hair
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
6:59 pm
Not pushing my views onto others.
*sigh* hello.

Any advice on how to deal with frustration over the fact that relaxing is so prevalent? I know it's not my business what other women choose to do, but it just upsets me. I can't help it. I hate relaxing and I feel so strongly about this. I know it's wrong to push my views onto others. Has anyone else struggled with this? How have you dealt with these feelings?
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
9:36 pm
from nature with love

i mma take my braids down and depending on how i feel like dealing with my hair and if im ready to dye it imma just wear it out. If not, I'll put braids back in but...I was thinking of getting some natural hair stuff
on my list:
avocado butter
shea butter
shealoe butter
glycerin (vegetable)

Are these good things to get? And how much glyercin should I use. I was thinking of putting some of this in a spray with I don't know olive oil and suave conditioner
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
11:33 pm
Hey guys! I have dark brown hair. And I bought the HI Lift Brown Brownstne B53 color. I thought it would look good on me but one friend thinks it will look bad. SO, then I wa slike...maybe she's right lol. Getting second thoughts, but I mean, I already purchased it and who knows where the receipt is. So I was thinking of just dying the tips of my hair. I've seen that in some forums here and on people with natural hair and how they only have some of the bottom half of thier hair died .
Does anyone know this technique. or maybe I should try highlighting with that color.

this is the color:

Image hosting by Photobucket
this is some pix of me:Collapse )
do you think I should try that dye though or do you think it will look bad?
Friday, March 10th, 2006
11:08 am
locs? I dunno.
Now, I'm not usually big on posting on LJ about my problems--but here goes. I'm 19 and I've been completey natural for about a year now. About 4 months ago I decided to loc my hair and I kinda like it... don't love it-- but it's growing on me. Either way, I'm currently a vocal performance major at a whiter than white university. I have a scholarship to be part of my college's Opera Company--which is pretty cool-- but recently I've been getting a lot of remarks about my hair (how it's not elegant.. bla bla bla). My mother, who is normally always on my side, is suggesting that I try to take out my locs and relax my hair again. I REALLY don't want to do that and I'm feeling extremely militant and indignant about the whole situation. To honest, I don't know what I'm asking ya'll.. somebody help me.. say something :(.


Current Mood: annoyed
12:31 am
ATL Loc-tician (X-posted)
I've been taking care of my own locs for about a year (I had them started by someone else); I am in need of some TLC and special "spa" treatment for my locs and was looking for a loc-tician in ATL (or otherwhere in GA). I have "soft" hair that is often perplexing and slightly loc-resistant. I have attempted to attach a pic. PLEASE HELP!!!
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
8:43 am
henna-ing my naptastic hair
okay, so!

all right. henna time!

i went ahead and renewed the color last night. instead of using straight henna (1.99), i mixed in half a pound of paprika (1 dollar), 2 hotel sized packets of coffee grounds (free from when my housemate had a business trip), an unknown amount of cloves (probably a dollar), and an unknown amount of cinnamon (maybe 2).

i added the paprika to make the red more intense. my problem with the first time i dyed it was that it was a very subtle, natural change. i wanted something that was at once natural looking and more noticeable. the coffee was there to make my hair darker overall, and to add shine. the cloves were there to moderate the brightness of the paprika. they're good for dark, dark auburny colors, and also for cutting through the smell. the cinnamon was there for the smell, and also because i just eyeballed it with the oils (coconut and almond) and wanted the paste to be thicker.

i let this mixture sit over night. it smelled fabulous as i was putting it on, tho the coffee grounds were a little TOO exfoliating for my poor scalp. i got tired of using gloves and so instead i did a quicky wipe on with my fingers. the good thing about this mixture is that it only stained my skin if i let it sit for a half hour or so. after thoroughly coating my hair, i tied a plastic bag to my head and let it sit for about 5 hrs.

when i went to wash it off, there was very litle paste left, but a lot of color. i think that's because my hair and scalp absorbed the oils. i used two aveda samples to wash and condition my hair, and found that the hardest part to wash out was the coffee; the grounds were tangled into my hair. also, at times, the paprika made me smell like a really well marinated chicken while i was in the shower. :P

after washing everything, and doing anoter comb-out for the coffee grounds, i checked my hair. it looked REALLY DARK, because the red didn't show up til everything began to oxidize... and so now i've got a lovely espresso brown with massively intense red highlights. it's also really glossy. i'm much more pleased with it then i was the first time i tried henna.
Thursday, February 16th, 2006
7:07 pm
Image hosting by TinyPicImage hosting by TinyPicImage hosting by TinyPic

K first off this girl is GORGEOUS; its ADRIENNE from 3LW.
Now, you guys see her hair? THE HONEY COLOR& THE CHOCOLATE TWO-TONE.?? I want to get MICRO BRAIDS that color. The only problem is I dont want the color to be too blond-ish looking.
I AM NOT TRYING TO BE BLONDE!. Like, yellowish-blond, ugh. I just like the colors in her hair. I dont want the Honey Color to be too "Fake Looking". I want the colors to be warm & Pretty like the 1st pic. I know its a different type of blonde; but I dont want it all bright& LIL'KIM-ESQUE.

Does anyone know what Hair Number that is? I was thinking it was about a 27. But does anyone know??
4:37 pm
I need a GREAT scalp cleansing Shampoo for my locs...
or sumthin!!!!!

I was sitting at my table yakking with tha kids and the hubby and I have a black marble table. I was listenin and looking at the table and i began to scratch my head and 'bout scared/shocked the shyt outta myself as i saw dandruff fall from my head. In my 36 years I have never had dandruff. Ive had my locs since june and I go once a month for maintenance which is due on monday. I cannot go there with dandruff in my hair. So those of yall who know whats really goin on PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
7:55 am
later on after i get off work im going to get my hair cut. Im going to my dad's shop. He is the one that cut my hair the first time

but i think that im ready to let go of the permed ends. I only have one inch of natural hair to work with. how much hair do i even need to get any styles?

x-posted in natualhair

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
6:19 pm
henna question
so, i was planning on using henna powder to dye my hair tonight....
but i figured i wanted some tips, last minute.

1. the directions with the box are unspecific as to whether your hair should be wet or dry. intarweb says dry. should i wash my hair first, or just do it after the dye has sat in for a while?

2. again, the kit recommends using water. if i use olive oil instead of water, since my hair is very dry/frizzy right now, will that be okay?

3. how long should i let it sit in?
Monday, January 16th, 2006
1:55 pm
I've been transtioning since dec 2, 2005. I've been trying to stay away from the blow dries and curlers. about dec 22 I got micro braids.I still have them but most of the braids have came out from washing or a really bad job from the braider.

I dont know if i should take them down or if I should just keep them in and braid my real hair until i take the rest down.

my hairCollapse )

I think if i would do the big chop right now i would only have one inch of hair. An i think i want to grow my hair a little more
With my real hair the way it is how could i get it done next.

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