FIERCENESS (polymexina) wrote in naturalblkhair,

aghhhhhhh!! style q

hi everyone!

okay. i have the most fabulous opportunity coming up. i have the chance to present my research in an international conference in africa. this is HUGE; i'm super nervous, but very excited and honored.

now, i have natural hair. i'd like for it to look as professional as possible, but i'm unsure what sort of styles would work for that... i don't want to flat iron it, because i'm not very good at flat ironing, and i'm not sure the straight would last from the thursday when i leave MA til the sunday i arrive in ethiopia to the tuesday i actually present.

any suggestions?

there's a pic below the cut.

this one's maybe 3 or 4 yrs old. my hair's longer.

i'm on the right; my hair is twisted up in a clip.

i'm in the middle.

the last two are the most recent. i'm entirely willing to go to the salon, or whatever. i just don't want to get my hair relaxed.

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