FIERCENESS (polymexina) wrote in naturalblkhair,

a question and a tip

okay, firstly, how many of y'all bpal? black phoenix alchemy lab does this scented oil thing, and normally i'm nto a big fan of oils (they're messy) but a few nights ago i put some of catherine (info here: into my hair, and not only did i not get frizzy, it was also a really great, subtle way to wear perfume. i got an imp of catherine on ebay for like 3 dollars and it's lasted me about a year now, and i'm def doing the scented oil in hair thing every time i get a date.

secondly, my question is:

what do you guys do with your hair at night? recently i cut off about 5 inches, and so my hair is too short to braid or pull back, but just long enough to get tangled. so far i've been banana clipping it in place, but my clips are mental and i don't want to cause breakage. i've tried just tying it back, but since there's noting securing the hair itself it just is poofy and loose. any ideas?
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