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locs? I dunno.

Now, I'm not usually big on posting on LJ about my problems--but here goes. I'm 19 and I've been completey natural for about a year now. About 4 months ago I decided to loc my hair and I kinda like it... don't love it-- but it's growing on me. Either way, I'm currently a vocal performance major at a whiter than white university. I have a scholarship to be part of my college's Opera Company--which is pretty cool-- but recently I've been getting a lot of remarks about my hair (how it's not elegant.. bla bla bla). My mother, who is normally always on my side, is suggesting that I try to take out my locs and relax my hair again. I REALLY don't want to do that and I'm feeling extremely militant and indignant about the whole situation. To honest, I don't know what I'm asking ya'll.. somebody help me.. say something :(.

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